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Our favourite charity is Life for a Child’, an official programme of the International Diabetes Federation. The vision of the Programme is that ‘No child should die of diabetes’.

‘Life for a Child’ supports the provision of the best possible healthcare to all young people with diabetes in developing countries, through the strengthening of established paediatric diabetes services in these countries. Operating since 2001, ‘Life for a Child’ now assists over 18,000 children and youth in 42 developing countries.

‘Life for a Child’ relies on donation of insulin and other associated products and services, and undertakes to distribute these to the most needy children and youth with diabetes in the world. In this context, supply chains play a big role in the overall programme.

For more information see and don’t hesitate to offer your support.


IDF Life for a Child Program
Robyn Short-Hobbs, Program Manager
Australian Diabetes Council
GPO Box 9824 Sydney NSW 2001
T +61 2 9552 9862    F +61 2 9660 3633