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Transforming Supply Chains
Realign your business to better serve customers in a disruptive world

by John Gattorna & Deborah Ellis





“One of the most insightful books in supply chain management this decade. From providing a deep understanding of the new drivers that shape value chains and entirely new perspectives on market research and segmentation, to new concepts in overarching business strategy development. The way in which these forces shape business and supply chain strategy is brilliantly explained. The book covers all these concepts with a fresh perspective on customer-centric behavior, channels to market, and how to align internal culture to outside realities. It is also probably one of the first books to cover the new world of Industry 4.0 and its impact on supply chains in great detail, as well as giving us a view of how this will shape supply chains in the future.”

Dr Jan Havenga, Professor, Logistics and Director, SCM Centre, Stellenbosch University

“Transforming Supply Chains causes one to think comprehensively in aligning data-driven supply chains and related technology to meet the increasing demands of the segmented customer base in an ever changing and increasingly efficient and service-oriented environment.”

Gregory J.  Owens, Former Global Head of SCM, Accenture; CEO, Manugistics; Chairman and CEO, Iron Planet

“Since enterprises have complex goals they are likely to have complex challenges. Transforming Supply Chains gives you fresh insights on how to optimize the complexity of large enterprises.  Gattorna and Ellis have anchored their perspectives on optimization in the customer/market, rather than in efficiency and cost. This book helps you identify how your company’s supply chains can drive better digital and physical customer experiences.  A key message is – if you want to get some control over disruption – then its best to disrupt your own organization and do it by bringing the voice of the customer into supply chain decision-making.  This belongs in the library of any business executive.”

Dr. Lloyd Vogelman, CEO, Corteks Company

“Customer expectations and business dynamics are changing on almost every level — If you agree and are looking for a playbook for kick-starting your supply chain transformation, look no further, this is it. Backed by real world case studies, time-tested research, and thought  provoking  insights, this is a one-of-kind guide you simply must read — And, then share with your team!”

Bill Marrin, Director, World 50, Inc

I have been a disciple and practitioner of Gattorna’s Dynamic Alignment™ methodology for 15 years, and effectively deployed it in multiple geographies with DHL Express, and subsequently with Schneider Electric in their Tailored Supply Chain journey. As John states “…it’s not for the faint-hearted to undertake…and be prepared to demonstrate relentless leadership”.

Building upon the earlier work on Dynamic Alignment, John & Deborah have successfully tackled the challenging topics associated with transformation, it’s execution, and the need for speed, agility, digitization, and timely decision-making. Today this represents the hardest challenge for leaders transforming the culture of their organizations to become truly ‘outside-in’ focused and aligned to the needs of their chosen customers.

Multi-faceted management, enabling day-to-day operational efficiency and continuous transformation requires ‘relentless leadership’, clarity in focus, a coaching and supportive culture that empowers and embraces innovation, yet firm, timely and decisive decision-making when the tough calls have to be made.

It’s been an incredible journey…deep in learning. But rich in rewards. Thank you Deb and John for your  world-leading Thought Leadership!

Stuart Whiting, Senior Vice President Global Supply Chain, Schneider Electric

This great book gives the recipe of an already proven concept of dynamic alignment, evolved into a new context of our volatile and fast changing world.

It is the best step-by-step methodology to transforming your supply chains to meet customer needs in a digital era that I have seen. The ‘outside-in’ approach to transforming your supply chains, never goes wrong, and this book gives you the tools to be best-in-class in matching customers buying behaviors.

Kim Pedersen, VP Global Head of Business Development A.P. Moller-Maersk

“The authors set the scene for this book very well, referencing topical events that are currently interrupting global supply chains, ie., the potential trade war between the US and China; unpredictable decisions by the Trump Administration; and BREXIT. Then follows a sequence of suggested methodologies to counter the disruptive effects of these and other events, eg., ‘outside-in’ thinking and the Dynamic Alignment model; AI, digitization, IoT, Blockchain, all of which are designed to assist us to cope with the new era of volatility. You have to admit that the authors are genuine SC ‘thought leaders’ for this contribution.”

Christina Huang, GM, Bright Blue Sea Global Supply Chain Management Co.

Transforming Supply Chains will provide useful frameworks to kickstart practitioner thinking around end- to-end supply chain for years to come.  With over 100 helpful pictorial summaries or concept visualizations, this book provides a high-level map of the transformation process and detailed trail guides (to use a mountaineering metaphor) to help prepare you and your teams for the challenge ahead.”

Mary Long, former VP Logistics and Network Planning, Domino’s; and Managing Director Global Supply Chain Forum The Haslam College of Business University of Tennessee

“Does your supply chain efficiently, effectively, and in real time meet the heterogeneous customer and consumer demand for personalization and seamless experience, on-line and off-line? If your answer is NO, you should consider adopting the author’s Dynamic Alignment model and genuinely transforming your strategy and organization. To guide you in your transformation journey, reading this book should be on the top of your ‘to do’ list.”

Dr. Jerry Wind, The Lauder Professor Emeritus and Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

“The authors correctly point out that supply chains cannot continue to operate in isolation – ignoring geopolitics, climate change, social media and fragmenting consumer behaviors. The book defines new ways of incorporating these factors into supply chain design and daily operations. An important read for any supply chain professional and C-level executive who wants to understand how supply chains can create competitive advantage in a fast-changing world.”

Dave Anderson, Managing General Partner, Supply Chain Ventures

“With tried and tested frameworks, Dr Gattorna and Deborah Ellis provide a solid basis to move forward to embrace digital supply chains and face the future bravely. Comprehensive, generous and up-to-date with the latest thinking, their book and its points of learning give confidence to those embarking on a transformational journey. I particularly like the visual aids to ‘Kick start your thinking’ at the end of each chapter as they bring clarity on what to do next through prompting self-reflection and discovery.”

Dr Ivana Crestani, Director, RyderSelf Group

“Transforming Supply Chains is a must read for executives seeking to better navigate and adapt to the digital world we are living in.  Relevant and timely insights from two highly-respected thought leaders in the global  supply chain domain.”

Richard H. Thompson, International Director, Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions, JLL

“Business success in today’s volatile and uncertain world is increasingly dependent upon supply chains that are capable of adapting to rapidly changing conditions.  As John Gattorna and Deborah Ellis point out in this insightful book few companies are equipped to respond to the challenges presented by the dawning of the digital age. This is a book with great relevance to all business leaders who are seeking to find practical ways to future-proof their supply chains.”

Dr. Martin Christopher, Emeritus Professor of Marketing & Logistics, Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University