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Dynamic Supply Chains

How to design, build and manage people-centric value networks, 3rd Edition, 2015

by Dr John Gattorna




is pure supply chain ‘thought leadership’, with content years ahead of its time. The testimonials from reviewers confirm that.

“With 40 years of experience in supply chain development, John Gattorna still is one of the most important thought leaders in the domain. Not only is his broad experience on show in this new book, but also his clear thinking about the development of supply chain management, which is truly dynamic. This requires clear leadership from current and upcoming supply chain executives. For them, and also for their colleagues with other functional expertise, this book is an excellent guide to the (near) future of supply chain management and potential success of their organization.”

Edwin Tuyn, Founder & Managing Director of Inspired-Search

“John Gattorna has been studying supply chains for as long as they have existed in their modern-day manifestations. He has followed, interpreted – and indeed influenced – the dramatic ways in which operating environments and business models have changed over the years. His book reveals deep knowledge and understanding of our multi-faceted and complex supply chain universe. Gattorna’s book should be read by all practitioners.”

Dr. Victor K. Fung, Group Chairman, Fung Group; and Founding Chairman, Fung Global Institute

Dynamic Supply Chains, 3rd edn 2015 is comprehensive and an easy read about leading- edge supply chain techniques and methodologies. The combination of thought leadership insights and best practice examples provides the reader with knowledge and inspiring input on how to create competitive advantage through the application of supply chain management.”

Bo-Inge Stensson Senior, Vice President Purchasing, SKF Group

“Does our future depend on supply chains? For over 40 years Professor John Gattorna has answered in the affirmative. But never without questioning the nature and evolution of supply chain design in an increasingly complex and interdependent global economy. In this book, Professor Gattorna draws on a deep well of research and experience to provide a unique understanding of supply chains which incorporates a ‘dynamic alignment’ framework linking market conditions, strategic choices, internal capabilities and effective leadership behaviours. The objective is to move thinking from the ‘logistics operations’ mindset of the 1980s to a more comprehensive ‘business transformation’ mindset, taking into account pressures for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The book has been written to be as accessible to the practitioner as it is to those with a more specialised academic interest. It succeeds on so many levels as the culmination of the author’s ‘journey of discovery through the maze of logistics and supply chain networks that pervade our lives’, and can be strongly recommended as such.”

Professor Roy Green, Dean, UTS Business School, University of technology, Sydney

“Dr Gattorna’s thought-provoking book is a must-read for business professionals. He articulates an insightful, practical and congruous work-culture roadmap which invariably will help many companies in different businesses to achieve significant levels of success. Dr Gattorna demonstrates a practical approach towards implementing a resonant and profitable supply chain. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.”

Yacoob Piperdi, Executive Vice President (Gateway Services), SATS

“The ever increasing speed of change in customer requirements makes it impossible for companies without dynamic supply chain capabilities to be competitive. John’s latest book is the perfect handbook for C-level and Supply Chain executives, describing the alignment of your supply chain, to ever changing customer requirements. The new insights into strategic supply chain management is also of great value.”

Burger Van Der Merwe, Director, PicknPay

“Businesses have been shifting to “horizontal” for decades – eroding the conventional one-size-fits all and pyramid views. Supply chains are a key driver of this shift, changing everything – boundaries in and between organizations as well as how we conceptualize, design, work in, and lead enterprises.  And, even though technology and capital play a big role, the secret ingredient is the human side of the enterprise.  John understands this and puts his deep knowledge to work in this wonderful and accessible book that is really about the emerging enterprise and how to ensure its success by an intelligent and multi-strategy weaving of technology, relationships, people, and assets.  Leaders at all levels as well as people in the supply chain need these insights and knowledge.”

Patricia McLagan, author Change is Everybody’s Business, and The Age of Participation: New Governance for the Workplace and the World

“Anyone who has led a company and/or worked in what we traditionally call the ‘Supply Chain’ function knows that human behavior is at the core of making things work. In his thinking John brings in some of the most poignant observations on how culture and behavior affect supply chain efficiencies. When you hear of the challenges in IT system implementations in the supply chain, they generally lead you to people, structures and of course leadership.

“Supply Chains are your business”

The Dynamic Supply Chains framework is detailed and implementation focused, but will take you time to fully understand and digest. To start understanding our world, firstly it is really important to be alive to the fact that we deal with multiple supply chains within our organizations, even with a ‘seemingly’ homogenous customer base. The second is that systems must be designed and people must be aligned to deliver to these differing pulls from our customers. The good news is that there are 5 dominant types of such customers that we need to deal with, which John goes into great detail to describe and investigate.

This is a must read for individuals designing new supply networks, diagnosing the effectiveness of their current operations, or leading transformational efforts in any part of their businesses. In this latest edition John brings ‘Campaign’ supply chains – how to deliver in full on time to project sites” is an important new addition to our Supply Chain thinking.”

Vivek Kamra, President & CEO, NatSteel Holdings Pte Ltd

Dynamic Supply Chains impressively captures the way any business must reinvent its supply chains in today’s volatile, uncertain and complex world. A real business view about agility and responsiveness that can only be provided by a veteran like John Gattorna.”

Pier Luigi Sigismondi, Chief Supply Chain Officer & Executive Board Member, Unilever PLC

“In Dynamic Supply Chains, John deftly illustrates the multiple iterations of supply chain models while cautiously underscoring the urgency of designing with the end goal in mind. His unique and fresh perspective on dynamic supply chains is a cogent read for senior leaders who need their value chains to drive continuous, customer-driven growth.”

Kevin Brown, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Dell Inc.

“Should you transform your supply chain? Which supply chain should you design and adapt—Collaborative, Lean, Agile, Campaign, Fully flexible or a hybrid? Is your supply chain balancing an ‘outside-in’ perspective with the reality of your internal culture and capabilities? And can you lead the dynamic supply networks needed for success in today’s turbulent global business environment? The latest edition of John Gattorna’s book answers these and related questions with clarity, brilliance and the authority of deep practical and theoretical knowledge. It is a MUST read for any corporate leader since the implications of the book go beyond the traditional field of logistics and supply chain, to the needed transformation of most businesses.”

Yoram (Jerry) Wind, The Lauder Professor of Marketing, Director, SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management
Academic Director, Wharton Fellows Program
The Wharton School
The University of Pennsylvania

“This book is not only a remarkable historical survey about the evolution of supply chains, but Gattorna also gives us a focused view in the different and heterogenic layers of corporate actors and framework conditions. This all leads to an innovative and convincing analysis and development of a dynamic approach for the explanation of the supply chains at the time.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herbert Sonntag, Head of Transport Logistics, TH Wildau – University of Applied Sciences

“In a world of pundits and talking heads, John Gattorna is the real deal.  He’s the voice and the vision that CEOs are listening to and thinking about to get ahead of the competition.

Many leading organizations around the world have started to realize that truly understanding the nature of demand is the key to designing resilient and robust supply chains.  What they don’t understand is that John has spent decades fleshing out the implications for technology, strategy, and even organizational design.  Dynamic Supply Chains lays out these strategies like a blueprint for enterprise excellence.  Save yourself millions on consulting strategy and read this book.

John Gattorna is unique among thought leaders in the supply chain space.  In this 3rd edition of Dynamic Supply Chains, John continues to define and refine his insight and wisdom regarding how to design supply chains and organizations around the concept of segmented demand signals.  This would be important theoretical work, but John bases his framework and design imperatives on actual case studies and real companies.  He has numerous examples collected from senior executives and CEOs.  John Gattorna’s work bridges and synthesizes the theoretical and practical, making this book an invaluable resource.

There really isn’t any other work of this caliber generally available to senior supply chain executives without spending millions on high end consulting and strategy consulting engagements.  John Gattorna’s Dynamic Supply Chains stands out as a truly invaluable mountain of knowledge, observations and guidance for those who want to transform their supply chain organizations in the future.”

Donald A. Hicks, Founder, President & CEO, LLamasoft, Inc.

“John has cracked the code in the same way that Billy Beane of the Oakland A´s and Paul Azinger in the 2008 Ryder Cup did in their fields. But here he has done it for a customer-centric supply Chain.He puts the customer at the heart of everything, and then builds the supply chain around customer behaviours, with a number of different solutions based on this behaviour that runs through the whole supply chain from the customer, through the Sales Organisation, Manufacturing, back to the Suppliers.

But the trick is not the alignment of this behaviour, but how the organization builds multi-functional teams aligned to these behaviours, by focusing on organisation design, the people that fit into these chains, and aligning individuals’ natural behaviours with the behaviour of the supply chain. And then be able to dynamically re-adjust and re-configure.
The book contains some fantastic examples, from the lowest cost, most basic, but highly efficient and effective supply chains of the Dhabawallahs of Mumbai, through to the most expensive example of Formula 1, via the most sophisticated supply chain that is Inditex, with its global Zara brand.

We have here the most complete set of analysis and solutions for today´s business ecosystem, that must adapt to its customers and be constantly adapting to meet changing needs. It offers a complete set of tools to analyse our supply chains and develop solutions to gain a competitive advantage.

This is the most insightful book ever written on supply chains. Fact.”

Duncan McIver, VP Operations Iberia, General Cable Corporation