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Dynamic Supply Chains

Delivering value through people, 2nd Edition, 2010

by Dr John Gattorna







“It is an immense pleasure and an honor to read your extra ordinary book on the supply chains. I have never been exposed to such a profound insight as a student and in the corporate sector.”

Moeed Mufti, Student of Dag Ericsson for “Demand Chain Management” at University of Boras, Sweden

“I advise organizations on supply chain management and performance improvement on daily basis. I am naturally drawn to the subject of organizational theory: leadership, management approaches, industrial and organizational studies, etc. – since I was a first year student at the university. I spend significant amount of time reading books and articles trying to understand how organizations and management approaches have evolved over the past 1000 years, and in understanding the anatomy and physiology of future organizations and industries. John Gattorna’s book, “Dynamic Supply Chains”, is so amazing I found myself reading it for the second time, all the way from page xi. This book is so good I almost underlined every sentence in agreement. “Living Supply Chains” inspired me to undertake a research study on value networks. I would like to thank John for sharing his knowledge and wisdom with us.”

Nndateni Ndou, Adviser, South Africa

“Dynamic Supply Chains represents leading edge thinking in designing end-to-end supply chains. Recognizing that people, and people alone, make the difference in enterprise supply chains, John provides an excellent, albeit pragmatic, ‘how-to’ approach to build the supply chain as a ‘living organism’, able to adapt and proactively respond to rapidly changing conditions. Certainly the best reference work available and particularly relevant in today’s turbulent and complex business environment.”

Deon van As, VP, Brewery Operations, Miller Coors, USA

“In these unprecedented times of opportunity Dynamic Supply Chains is a must read for business leaders seeking to gain competitive advantage by truly aligning their supply chain strategy with customers’ ever evolving needs. In highlighting the importance of leadership, organizational design and culture in dynamic alignment, John Gattorna outlines the opportunity backed up by a tangible, practical framework which will allow organizations to unlock their true potential.”

Andy Johnson, UK Logistics Director, Computer 2000, UK

“Dynamic Supply Chains is a must read, not only for supply chain managers but for every senior executive from the C-suite down. The articulated dynamic supply chains are a critical component of every business and corporate strategy. The book is terrific. Congratulations.”

Yoram (Jerry) Wind, The Lauder Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA

“I really liked the structure of the book – organizing specific chapters around each supply chain type – Lean, Continuous Replenishment, Fully Flexible, and Agile is incredibly helpful, and provides easy and instant access to information on key topics. General themes of organizational structure, job description(s), people, and prevalent culture as keys to successful performance of supply chains are incredibly relevant. Companies such as Dell that go through major change must reassess at some point and conduct massive ‘job analysis’ activities to determine the scope of new roles and best organization structure pre- and post- change. Finally, I love the concept of ‘Hybrid’ supply chains – Lean on Lean, Continuous replenishment on Lean, Flexible on Lean, etc.”

Annette Clayton, EVP Global Supply Chain, Schneider Electric, France.

“John Gattorna’s thought leadership is both pragmatic and profound. His leading-edge work is helping companies transform traditionally ‘siloed’ supply chain functions into dynamically balanced and ‘living’ value-networks. John recognizes that the business goal is to meaningfully reduce end-to-end complexity by first understanding and then translating ‘outside-in’ buying behaviors into sustainable ‘inside-out’ supply chains – rather than just trying to make all the disconnected pieces more efficient, faster, and leaner! This book is a must read for CEOs, and global supply chain executives.”

Roddy Martin, SVP & Research Fellow, AMR Research-Gartner, USA

“Dynamic Supply Chains presents a brilliant framework that will enable enterprises to achieve alignment of their business/supply chain strategies, organizational structure, and culture with their customers. Gattorna’s research is sound, his conclusions are spot-on and the resulting model for achieving dynamic alignment is very powerful. The world and global business environment in which we operate is constantly changing customer needs and what they value are in constant flux. Our supply chains must be dynamically aligned through these changing conditions- enabling this, along with its comprehensive scope, is what separates Gattorna’s approach from the rest. It helps address the brutal fact that ‘one-size-does-not- fit-all’, while keeping the complexity of the supply chains and sub-cultures in the global enterprise to a very manageable level.”

Ron Woodward, Manufacturing, Engineering and Global Operations Director, Strategic Change and Risk Mgmt, Dow Corning Corporation. USA

“An exceptional book that I enjoyed reading immensely. Dynamic Supply Chains has achieved something rather unusual: a comprehensive and innovative look at end-to-end customer-centric supply chains that reads like a pragmatic narrative – taking the business con- tribution of supply chains to a whole new level. I have on my shelves a number of ‘must read’ books. Such books must be engaging and absorbing, offer me something new or challenging to think about and above all must be the kind of book I just cannot put down until I’ve finished reading it. John Gattorna’s book sits in this category on my shelf.”

Regina Lemgruber, Director, Supply Planning & Replenishment, Magazine Luiza, Brazil

“John Gattorna highlights the need and urgency for changing the way we have approached supply chains in the past. He makes a very compelling case to change to a new business model for contemporary supply chains called ‘dynamic alignment’, and suggests that the real driver of today’s supply chains are people. John takes a holistic supply chain perspective, and, in a very comprehensive and structured way, this book is practical and immediately applicable in all industries. It will help companies move quickly from crisis mode to growth mode.”

Roger Crook, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding Freight and Member of the Management, Deutsche Post DHL

“Gattorna manages to tackle the sticky, but essential, ‘soft’ issues around culture while still providing a highly structured and usable approach to developing supply chain strategy based on extensive real-world examples. This is a well-researched and compelling book.”

Kevin O’Marah, Group Vice President, Supply Chain Research, Gartner, USA

“John Gattorna tangibly validates why he is considered one of the global thought leaders in supply chain management. He not only introduces and refines four key supply chain types, which can creatively be adapted by most companies, but more importantly, focuses on the hidden ingredient essential to all successful transformations – the human element. Of equal importance, John takes the definition of supply/demand chain management to a new multi-dimensional structure as he explains the transition to ‘value networks’. That’s where his is leading us, and those companies who creatively adapt their business models to this new frontier will gain significant competitive advantage. Those who don’t will be at significant risk. I strongly endorse this book as an essential framework for international business leaders.”

Paul W.l. Bradley, Chairman and CEO, Caprica International, Singapore

“Yet another great piece from Dr John Gattorna where he is able to wonderfully explain fresh concepts that help us understand the ‘art’ of supply chain rather than just thinking about the ‘science’ associated with it.”

Ajay Mittal, Chairman and Managing Director, Arshiya International, India

“It is akin to extra virgin oil produced from freshly-harvested olives that are pressed to squeeze the juice from the fruit. When reading John’s book it feels just like your mind is in there, in the olive oil press, squeezed to produce novel ideas, fresh insights and new ways of thinking.”

Alexander Katsiotis, Managing Director, Elgeka S.A., Greece

“A very well organized book laying out the future of supply chains. John has a knack of taking a very abstract concept and rendering a picture that is both intuitive and common sense. It is a very in-depth, comprehensive, practical book for every supply chain professional at all levels and would rate as my best ever read on the topic.”

Shekar Natarajan, Director of Supply Chain, Pepsi Bottling Group, USA

“I’m convinced that your segmentation model is a must for every manager to understand and build solid business models for each venture in the market. Congratulations.”

Vicente Moliterno, Managing Director, Staroup S.A., Brazil

“John’s latest book is, for me, one of the best and most relevant books I have read on the supply chain topic. I have already started to promote it among my students at the MBA as well as with executives, not only in Spain but also in Mexico and the Middle East.”

Dr Luis E. Solis, Associate Dean and Professor of Operations and Technology Management, Institute de Empresa Business School, Spain

“Dynamic Supply Chains is a practitioner’s handbook written by an academic who clearly knows the challenges of operating supply chains. Dr Gattorna describes what is required to build successful and sustainable competitive advantage, premised on understanding the dynamics of different types of supply chains shaped by different types of customer behavior, and emphasizing in the process the important role of the human element. Filled with real-life examples, Dynamic Supply Chains provides a vital roadmap for companies that wish to survive and excel in the rapidly and ever-changing world of global trade.”

Bassam Fawaz, CIO, Agility Global Integrated Logistics, Switzerland

‘Few understand in today’s competitive market that ignoring the organizational and cultural elements when designing and executing a Demand Driven Supply Network (DDSN), spells certain failure – John does, and in his book he presents insights that are unique and deserve to be heard.’

C.J (Jake) Barr, Global Operations Leader, Supply Network Operations and Director Product Supply, Procter & Gamble, USA

“Human behavior and leadership are still the most forgotten elements of successful supply chain management. In Dynamic Supply Chains, John Gattorna again explains why humans are the key factor in supply chain performance. The interaction between the various parties in supply chains determines its success, and the supply chain manager is the leader in the chain to make everyone work jointly together. Excellent reading for all C-level executives, and a must-read for supply chain managers with CEO ambitions.”

Edwin Tuyn, Director, Inspired-Search, The Netherlands

“In Dynamic Supply Chains, John has once again put together a thought-provoking visionary perspective on the future of supply chain management. Specifically, his perspective on need- based supply chain segmentation is refreshing. This cross-disciplinary perspective on supply chains is an essential read for anyone in the field.”

Dr Zachary Williams, A/ Professor of Logistics and Marketing, Central Michigan University, USA

“John Gattorna has introduced an insightful concept in his book – Dynamic Alignment. Indeed, ‘alignment’ is not just the work of a great consumer-focused company or great leader, it is their opportunity and their art.”

John Pollaers, CEO, Fosters Brewing, Australia

“The various approaches introduced by John Gattorna in Dynamic Supply Chains provide a unique recipe for developing the exact capabilities required in most, if not all, every contemporary organization. Indeed, responding effectively to customers’ expectations is the only unassailable strategy to follow if we wish to maintain a leadership position in our market or industry.”

Evangelos Angeletopoulos, Managing Director, Business Logistics Services Ltd, Greece

“John Gattorna does an exceptional job providing not only the thinking, but also the tools to turn supply chains (which are inherently internally focused) into market-focused living supply chains delivering value to the customer.”

Dr Chris Roberts, CEO/President, Cochlear Limited, Australia

“In Dynamic Supply Chains, John Gattorna’s concepts of Dynamic Alignment clearly demonstrates how modern supply chain thinking will not only improve operational effectiveness in organizations, but also make a significant improvement in business and revenue growth. In today’s highly competitive world of Private Equity it will be those firms who can materially improve the inherent value of their portfolio companies, who will be successful. Dynamic Supply Chains is an extremely powerful tool to help realize this value.”

Jamie Bolton, Director, KKR Capstone Asia Limited, Hong Kong

“This book provides a full menu for business-driven supply chain implementation, describing how different philosophies (e.g. lean, VMI), processes and leadership styles fit with four basic types of supply chains. Supply chains are finally seen from a total business perspective and, at the same time, with a very practical approach.”

Hille Korhonen, VP Operations, Fiskars Corp., Finland

“John has produced a simple, yet effective and practical, roadmap for business executives to align their enterprise to their target market. The emphasis on people across the enterprise value chain, as well as the focus on integration, is refreshing. Companies who can implement and execute the concepts in this book will create competitive advantage and will grow profits well ahead of their competitors.”

Burger Van der Merwe, Supply Chain Director, Woolworths S.A., South Africa

“Finally, a genuinely innovative approach on how supply chains should be designed and managed. With this book, John brings the supply chain management discipline to a new and much more comprehensive level, addressing vital elements which are mostly ignored by organizations. His messages will drive business improvements in the decades ahead, all around the world.”

Dr Rodrigo Cambiaghi, COO, Axia Value Chain, USA